oa The Constitution - The impact of press struggles in the emerging democracy: an evaluation

Volume 4, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1595-5753



In an attempt to evaluate the impact of press struggles in the emerging democracy in Nigeria, the paper observes that beside the Parliament, the next indicator that the society is under democracy is its press. The press has been generally recognized as one of the main pillars of democracy, which is why it has been given definite role in the constitution to monitor the governance and hold the government accountable to the people. Not only that, Nigerians today are even more conscious than ever before of what their democratic rights are. They are now so deeply involved in the democratic process acting as principal actors rather than mere spectators, all due to the activities of the press or mass media. The paper reviews untold numbers of democracy activists in the forefront of the struggle against military junta that were jailed and tortured to death. Extra judicial killings have become a common and acceptable practice for authorities to eliminate the opposition democratic movement.

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