oa The Constitution - Legislation and the electoral process: the third term agenda and the future of Nigerian democracy

Volume 6, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1595-5753



This article is set in the context of the constitutional reform debate underlined by tenure elongation of the civilian administration in Nigeria. It identifies three key challenges facing democratic development in Nigeria, namely, lack of will and capacity on the part of national legislature and the independent electoral commission (INEC) with regards to their responsibilities, the third term agenda of the incumbent administration and electoral integrity vis-à-vis the 2007 elections. On the first challenge, the article foregrounds the need by the national assembly to empower INEC as well as the need for INEC to commence a thorough preparation ahead of the 2007 elections. It argues that the intrusion of the third term agenda into the constitutional reform process has negated the original objective of democratising the grundnorm. With sufficient historical evidence, it notes that the tenure elongation project would end in a fiasco. The article gives abundant insight into the electoral process in Nigeria, its perversion and consequent rupture. It therefore advocates the need for an electoral geography that would map the electoral problems on the basis of zones as well as creatively address them and concludes that civic education is imperative to protect the integrity of the 2007 elections in Nigeria.

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