oa The Constitution - The president's mind

Volume 6, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1595-5753



This article is psycho-analysis of Nigerian presidents persona spawned in the controversial air of third term debate or tenure elongation. The article which draws a great deal of data from biographical and autobiographical texts on the president argues that the president bid for tenure elongation is real and thus bad business for presidential spin doctors who try to controvert public perception of the matter. The article further establishes pattern in the president s profile, namely, a single minded pursuit of fame and a disdain for collective victory, mortal fear for his lowly origin, his hierarchical perception of the world. These attributes, the article argues have shaped largely his polices in the Nigerias Fourth Republic. These include his embrace of Washington Consensus, the dubious agreement with the U.S on the Niger-Delta/ Gulf of Guinea as well as his kid gloves approach to dealing with his immediate constituency, the military and by contrast his disdain for other constituencies such as the media and the judiciary Given the presidents foibles and policy failures, the article concludes that the president has no business being in office.

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