oa The Constitution - Constitutional review and the third term agenda: Nigeria's democracy at the crossroads

Volume 6, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1595-5753



This paper interrogates the third term agenda, its defeat and implications for Nigerias democracy. After a review of the basic motivations, twists and intrigues of the agenda, the paper argues that the agenda has further pushed Nigerias democracy to the crossroad), where it is caught between democratic and antidemocratic forces. The path chosen today, the paper contends, will have significant implications for Nigerias democracy in the years ahead For this reason, the paper argues that the ""victory for democracy"" thesis that has largely been used to express the defeat of the agenda should not be over celebrated Rather, all democratic forces in the struggle should intensify their efforts to tame the likely negative consequences of the defeat for the ongoing politics of succession. The main challenges and opportunities before them are to pull forces together to challenge the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and capture power from it in 2007 and also to revisit the question of constitution review in an open, transparent, and participatory fashion. Efforts should also be made to facilitate political party reform with emphasis on internal party democracy and adequate regulation for party finances, and the generation, nurturing and consolidation of a democratic political culture and citizenship receptive to democratic ideals and ethos. These require a sustainable regime of social mobilisation and value re-orientation by all stakeholders in the democratisation process. In this regard, the role of the civil society, the press and the opposition parties would be invaluable.

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