oa The Constitution - The press and the third term agenda

Volume 6, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1595-5753



This article re-examines the role and place of the press within the yet unfolding scenario and whiplash of the third term agenda (TTA) of the Nigerian President, Obasanjo. After a review of the responsibility of and state of the Nigerian press, the paper highlights the opposition that the press, would necessarily face from the"" sword"" in form of political intolerance. obscurantism and arbitrariness. For this reason, the write up stresses that the press must not only become a willing ally of the masses by uncovering anti-populist machinations of the government and disseminating the truth as it evinced in the third term agenda, it must maintain a central role devoid of fear, replete with greater commitment and social consciousness.

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