oa The Constitution - Policing the Nigeria police: the case for a decolonized Nigeria police

Volume 6, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1595-5753



In the structure and function, the Nigeria police even in a democracy still portray itself, as the colonial vestige that it is. The enduring mutual suspicion between the police and the public has continued to account for the waning of the peoples trust and confidence, which the police needs, to be able to live up to expectations. What is more, in orientation and duty-performance, the Nigeria police continue to reflect the society that has been ranked as the second most corrupt nation in the world. Yet, the police remain an indispensable factor in the social control, and the maintenance of law and order in a society that is systemically gravitating towards disorder and lawlessness. There is need then to police Nigeria by a process of decolonization and orientation so as to empower the police to play the role within the context of a free, democratic and ever-changing Nigeria society.

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