oa The Constitution - The political economy of godfatherism in Nigeria

Volume 7, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1595-5753



This lead article on the theme of godfather ism examines the economic basis of godfatherism in Nigeria. It focuses specifically on the nature of the Nigerian state, its economy and mode of accumulation. It argues that the authoritarian nature of the state, the dependent nature of the economy and accumulation pattern which is not based on production but on consumption and exchange provides the fertile ground for accumulation outside genuine productive activities. The patrimonial networks and streams of godfatherism are a necessary consequence of this type of social relations. While posing the question: what is to be done? It responds by making a case for the introversion of the economy for genuine productive activities based not just on primary commodities but also secondary commodities and exchange with linkage to the social needs of the population. Besides, strengthening of the structures of accountability within the state system is invaluable.

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