n Journal for Contemporary History - Skout-admiraal (JG) André Burgers se vlootherinneringe aan die jare van die "Grensoorlog", 1966 tot 1989

Volume 31, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0258-2422
  • E-ISSN: 2415-0509



Although the so-called "Border War" ("Bush War"; i.e. Namibian War of Independence) primarily involved the South African Army and Air Force, the South African Navy (SAN) was, from time to time, also directly or indirectly involved in the conflict; and directly or indirectly, the war did effect the development of the SAN in the years 1966-89. When André Burgers joined the SAN for the first time in 1954, the SAN had strong ties with the Royal Navy, and was part of the West's defence network against the Soviet Union. But by the time the then South African Defence Force launched Operation Savannah in 1975, South Africa suffered from growing international isolation, which became worse in the years to follow. In this article, extracts from Burgers' reminiscences are published in edited and annotated form, shedding light on the career of a SAN officer who experienced at first hand the development of the SAN from a partner of the West, through the years of growing and later almost total isolation, to the beginning of a new era.

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