n Acta Criminologica: Southern African Journal of Criminology - Security's critical value in commerce and industry and the need to sensitise executive management about the principles of security

Volume 16, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1012-8093



Following the decimating events of 9/11, and subsequent subversive activities by militant groups, the world has seen security move up the list of priorities for many. Terrorism has again raised its ugly head and instilled fear in all our lives, irrespective of where we live on the globe.

This problem has impressed a heightened awareness both nationally and globally, of the need for effective, vigilant, public, private and domestic security. This article emphasises that strategic security planning by any state security service, organisation, or private security provider is essential and it needs to take a holistic approach, from development to implementation.
It also stresses that in the private sector security industry in particular, for any security program or plan to succeed, it should form part of an organisation's business plan.
This will only receive priority only if those tasked with implementing security policies, have the support of their colleagues in other areas of business, such as the finance manager, the human resource director or the IT consultant.
The author contends that security must become an integrated part of a company's technological future. In practice, however, this message has not necessarily made its way to most corporate executives. It often happens that a security manager may go about the wrong way in trying to get his peers or employers to understand security policies. The view is expressed that security professionals have failed in many instances to properly educate senior management about the fundamentals of security.
Some of the key factors that are essential in order for the security managers to obtain the support s/he needs from senior management are discussed, while the role and function of the security committee, and the need for a professional presentation to the Board of Directors are alluded to.
The author concludes with some thoughts on preparing an operational security plan, and reiterates that today's security professionals must increase their technical proficiency, adapt to changing trends within the industry and advise their top managers accordingly.

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