n Acta Criminologica: Southern African Journal of Criminology - A model for Community Corrections Residential Centres in South Africa from a social work perspective

Volume 18, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1012-8093



In South Africa, one of the most frequently discussed subjects is that pertaining to crime and the devastating effect it has on all South Africans in general. Solving crime cannot be the sole responsibility of the state, the police, the courts or the criminal justice system, but should include the community as an important roleplayer in reporting and preventing crime, whilst taking co-responsibility for the rehabilitation and reintegration of the offender into society. This article discusses various alternative forms of sentencing in a community context with a view to developing a model for community corrections residential centres (CCRCs) in South Africa.

The proposed CCRC model for South Africa is based on an integration of the reintegration and diversion models of community corrections. Two sub-models of the reintegration model, i.e. the pre-release and the parole-violator models, and one sub-model of the diversion model, the court-based model, constitute the proposed CCRC model for South Africa. These models are relevant in South Africa since the prerelease and parole-violator models both make provision for offenders to take part in specialised programmes at CCRCs, whilst the court-based diversion model is relevant because of its more formal nature which allows for better control and monitoring of offenders.
The successful implementation of CCRCs relies on partnerships between the public and private sectors, with the Department of Corrections taking primary responsibility for the monitoring of community corrections. It is recommended that the proposed model for CCRCs in South Africa should be adopted by policy makers and politicians and be implemented according to a plan that provides for a gradual phasing in of the model in an integrated manner. In order to succeed, the outlined challenges must first be met.

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