n Acta Criminologica: Southern African Journal of Criminology - Operational assessment areas of verbal, physical and relational peer victimisation in relation to the prevention of school violence in public schools in Tshwane South

Volume 20, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1012-8093



It is common cause that the school is the embodiment of the community's educational responsibility and serves increasingly as an agent of socialisation. Therefore, it is essential that scholastic activities should take place in an environment that is conducive to the education and development of learners. Violence at schools is counterproductive and frustrates the scholastic institution's educational and social goals. The research problem underlying this study relates to learners as victims of school violence committed by fellow learners in certain primary and secondary public schools in Tshwane South. A comprehensive literature study was undertaken to identify the operational assessment areas in relation to verbal, physical and relational peer victimisation. The survey method was used to collect and analyse information of a purposive sample of 1 873 learners in grades 6 to 11 from nine primary, eight secondary and two special schools in the Tshwane South district through the application of a structured self-report questionnaire in accordance with their proportional age, sex, academic grade and willingness to participate in the research. The survey results emanating from the above-mentioned research objectives are reported on.

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