n Acta Criminologica: Southern African Journal of Criminology - A security risk management approach to the measurement of crime in a private security context

Special Edition 3
  • ISSN : 1012-8093



In the South African context, specifically within the corporate environment, it is essential that a uniform approach in terms of the management of risks that result from criminal, irregular and / or unethical conduct, be professionally implemented. This is in order for private sector security risk managers to be able to manage security (crime) risks more effectively and with as little expenditure as possible, i.e. cost effective. In essence, security risks confronting organizations must be managed in a security-discipline specific, integrated and systematic manner that is based on acceptable management, legal, financial, security, technological, engineering, safety and business principles. Gone are the days when a retired policeman or even a former military person could merely step into the position of a senior security manager, and successfully manage crime (security) risks. The modern corporate demands for effective security in the private sector no longer make it acceptable or allow for an ad hoc approach to security risk management. In order to facilitate an effective approach to the management of security a security risk management model has been developed by the Department for Security Risk Management at UNISA for their National Diploma and BTech degree, and has been applied by hundreds of security risk managers within the South African environment over the last few years (since the implementation of the degree in 1997). The model is the result of integrating various security activities. The model has thus been adapted, inter alia from the work of leading authors, researchers and security managers such as Broeder, Fennely, Pupura, Roelofse, Botes and Scheepers. While its primary aim is the management and analysis of risks facing corporations and businesses these risks are often largely of a criminal nature. This article examines this model with emphasis on the identifying, measurement (establishing probability) and analysis (vulnerabilities and security measure weaknesses that lead to exploitation of opportunities) of the crime risks.

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