oa Crime Research in South Africa - The victims of attacks on police officials in South Africa

Volume 1, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1605-5810



Murdering of police officials in South Africa have become endemic during the nineties. Each year since 1993 more than 200 killing occurred. This is in sharp contrast with the average of 67 murders of police officials in the United States of America, calculated over a period of 50 years, starting from 1945 through 1994 (Chapman 1998:3). Furthermore, the continuous killing of police officials since the inauguration of the democratic political dispensation in South Africa, did not make sense at all. Before the new democratic dispensation one could have argued, as many did, that the police officials are the strong arm of the oppressive government. One has to agree with Chapman's (1998: 73) statement that attacks on police officials are in fact attacks on the governmental authority because they are the visible and accessible representatives of the government. During September 1999, the then Minister of Safety and Security, then Sydney Mufamdi, appointed a multi-disciplinary research team to conduct research regarding these killings. This report reflects on those findings referring to the victims who have survived these attacks.

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