oa Crime Research in South Africa - Restorative justice as reaction to crime : development and conceptualisation

Volume 2, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1605-5810



In the 1950s the psychologist, Eglash, (Van Ness & Strong 1997:28) spoke of the concepts "creative restitution" and the "second mile", about healing and not depending only on the punishment of offenders. A decade later Schafer (Schmalleger 1996:298) introduced the paradigm of restitution of victims. Although the term "restorative justice" is often attributed to modern authors like Barnett (1997:279), it is not a new concept or a new "move" in the history of reactions to crime. In many respects, the so-called "new" paradigm of restorative justice represents a return to traditional responses to crime that had victim reparation as a basic premise.

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