oa Crime Research in South Africa - The structure and functioning of child pornography

Volume 4, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1605-5810



Burgess (1984:1) found that as far back as 1984 as many as 652 000 children (351 000 abused and 329 000 neglected) have been maltreated only in the USA. Sexual exploitation ranked sixth with the result that for this crime alone there were then 44 7000 children at risk every year. She (Burgess 1984:1) contends that, based on the review of victimization records, this figure alone can be five to even ten times greater than the reported figures.

Wyre (1992:236), who has worked with sex offenders since the 1970's, said that one reason why pornography is incredibly dangerous is because in 97 percent of the rape stories in pornography it ends with the women changing her mind and has an orgasm and is being represented as enjoying the rape. The sex offenders use this to justify and legitimise what they do. It also provides them with an excuse for what they are doing.

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