n Critical Arts : A Journal of South-North Cultural and Media Studies - Notes on the (im)possibility of articulating continental African identity : editorial

Volume 16, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0256-0046



Extracted from text ... 1 ? Handel Kashope Wright < handel1234@yahoo.com > is Associate Professor of Cultural Studies in Education, University of Tennessee. He has published widely on the articulation of (Pan)African cultural studies and the relationship between cultural studies and education. His forthcoming book is titled A Prescience of African Cultural Studies. Editorial: Notes on the (Im)Possibility of Articulating Continental African Identity Handel Kashope Wright ? Esu, do not undo me, Do not falsify the words of my mouth, Do not misguide the movements of my feet, You who translates yesterday's words Into novel utterances, Do not undo me, I bear you ..

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