oa CSIR Science Scope - CSIR excited at prospects of aptamar research

Volume 1, Issue 2
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Despite current antiretroviral drugs and advances in a search for a vaccine, HIV infection remains a significant issue in global health. The epidemic has attained a scale at which the impact on the economy and, even more broadly, on our society, is both evident and very serious. The HIV/Aids problem is intrinsically linked to and complicated by TB and poor TB diagnostic tools. Clearly, there is an urgent need to find alternative new antiretroviral drugs to combat these epidemics. Dr Makobetse Khati, a molecular pathologist at CSIR Biosciences, is establishing a world-class research platform using novel aptamer technology to provide cutting-edge solutions to these health problems. According to Khati, aptamer technology is a powerful tool that will revolutionise the way we study, treat and diagnose diseases in the 21st century.

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