oa CSIR Science Scope - Sensors worth more than the paper they're printed on : ideas that empower

Volume 8, Issue 1
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If the famous litmus test for acidity could be regarded as the Nokia 3310 of paper-based sensors, then the advanced future paper-based sensors the CSIR is working on, will seem like smartphones in comparison. These sensors include fully functioning electronic circuits printed on a piece of paper, and a blood glucose level test that involves simply placing a drop of blood on a small square of treated paper. Future paper-based sensors will be cheap to manufacture, ideal for resource-scarce populations and will be able to help with some of the world's biggest environmental and health challenges. What makes paper-based sensors so attractive, is their simplicity. One application, a classroom chemistry demonstration kit, simply involves a piece of paper patterned with wax and a red cabbage being put in a blender.

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