oa South African Journal of Cultural History - Begrudged! An 1847 Suikerbosrand farm name change

Volume 13, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1011-3053



Some farm names and farm name changes can reveal forgotten information that is relevant to cultural history. Of the many original farm names that have changed, one is that of the farm Doornrand, first recorded in 1839. It is located on the Klip River, south-west of Johannesburg. Its name was changed, probably in 1847, to Misgund-""Begrudged"". This curious renaming seems to have originated as follows: Field-Cornet Petrus Lindeque (bapt. 1802-c.1853) was the farm applicant in 1846. As formidable neuwen Commandant he defied a call for burghers to take part in the Volksraad party's commission to find a safe trade route to Delagoa Bay and to meet Smellekamp in May 1847. He was to arbitrate between the two rival Ohrigstad ""parties"", that of Potgieter and that of the Volksraad. It appears that Lindeque was appointed commandant by Potgieter to reinforce the latter's hegemony in the Zuikerboschrand, and to promote the Potgieter commission, considering that the Potchefstroom landdrost and most heemraden had defected to the Raadsparty early in 1847, Lindeque's loyalty to Potgieter was promptly met with his being branded a liar and with the threat of a lashing by his landdrost, Visagie, something Lindeque sorely begrudged! He was apparently also demoted to field-comet. These, presumably, were the reasons for changing his farm's name, which has endured ever since. The name change could therefore be considered a monument to unwavering loyalty and to justifiable dissent. In the wider context, the above exemplifies the political tension that prevailed during 1847-1849.

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