n South African Journal of Cultural History - Hester Venter (1750 - 1827): vroeë Afrikaanse godsdienstige digter-skrywer

Volume 15, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1011-3053



It is known that at the end of the eighteenth century a few religious documents (influenced by pietism) in the form of diaries, soul confessions and poems, were released in the Cape Colony - all written by women. Hester Venter (born in 1750) is one of the less known writer-poets of that time. Hester's book, consisting of 200 pages, was only published by her offspring some time after her death in 1852, because her work meant a lot to them in a time of dispute in the church. Her work was unique because she is distinguished from other writers by the fact that she was part of a remote pioneer community in the north-east of the Cape Colony. The aim of this study is to highlight Hester Venter's person, her background and the religious etos supported by her book.

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