n South African Journal of Cultural History - "Parks in the veld"; the Johannesburg Town Council's efforts to create leisure parks, 1900s - 1920s




This article investigates the policies of the Johannesburg Town Council regarding public spaces, more specifically the provision of parks. Why, in the wake of the Anglo-Boer War, was priority given to public parks whilst it seems that the provision of more vital services such as water, electricity and roads should have been more important? Essentially the article attempts to explain why the Town Council's Parks Department was placed on par with other municipal departments.

In addition, the article investigates how successful the municipality was at meeting its aims for the development of parks. Thus, questions such as the expansion of open spaces, the design of parks and the provision of amenities for leisure activities are addressed, in addition to a discussion of how Johannesburg's citizens utilised these facilities.
Lastly, the extent to which the views of the Town Council coincided with the aims and philosophy of British park administrators is addressed. This issue is of concern because historically the Town Council was ideologically aligned with its counterparts in Britain.

Hierdie artikel ondersoek die beleid van die Johannesburgse Stadsraad aangaande openbare ruimtes en konsentreer spesifiek op parke. Waarom, na die Anglo-Boereoorlog, het die Stadsraad soveel klem geplaas op openbare parke in die lig van oënskynlik meer noodsaaklike dienste soos die voorsiening van water, elektrisiteit en paaie? Die artikel poog dus om te verduidelik waarom die Parkedepartement van die Stadsraad op gelyke voet met ander munisipale departemente geplaas is.
Daarbenewens word in dié artikel nagegaan in watter mate die Stadsraad met die bereiking van sy doelstellings met die ontwikkeling van parke suksesvol was. Dit lei tot vrae oor die uitbreiding van openbare ruimtes, die ontwerp van parke en die voorsiening van ontspanningsfasiliteite. Verder word die Johannesburgers se gebruik van hierdie fasiliteite ondersoek.
Ten slotte vors die artikel na in watter mate die Stadsraad se sienings ooreengestem het met die doelstellings en filosofie van die administrateurs van Britse parke. Dit is belangrik om hieraan aandag te gee, aangesien die Stadsraad ideologies met sy Britse eweknie ooreengestem het.


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