n South African Journal of Cultural History - The 'Cape Malay' culture as represented in the South end Museum and the Dr. Nortier's Rooibos museum

Volume 29, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1018-0745



The Muslim community has made a rich input towards religion and culture in South Africa over the past three centuries. At the Cape it has treasured and preserved artifacts and items that have been the central ingredients of its evolving religio-cultural identity. As a consequence of its relatively sizeable heritage, the Cape Malay heritage's representatives in the form of religious and cultural bodies have, to a large extent, set aside artifacts and preserved them in the local museums; some of these artifacts form part of permanent exhibitions, whilst smaller collections appear only as temporary travelling exhibits. Although a part of this essay intends to focus on selected 'Cape Malay' artifacts and items that have been transferred and exhibited on a permanent basis at Dr. Nortier's Rooibos Museum in Shah Alam (Malaysia), it also intends to bring into purview the small collection of artifacts that were temporarily exhibited in Port Elizabeth's South End Museum between April and October 2008. Apart from describing the artifacts that have been and are on display in these two museums, the essay places these exhibitions within a larger context by connecting it to developments in South Africa regarding museum transformation and also questioning relevant policies associated with the use and preservation of 'local' heritage abroad.

Die kultuur- en godsdiensbydrae van die Moslem-gemeenskap oor drie eeue in Suid-Afrika is 'n besonder noemenswaardige erfenis. Plaaslike museums in die Kaap huisves veral van die artefakte as deel van hulle permanente uitstallings, terwyl kleiner versamelings soms as tydelike uitstallings uitgestal word. In hierdie artikel word veral klem gelê op 'n paar geselekteerde 'Kaapse Maleier' artefakte en ander items wat op 'n permanente basis uitgestal word by die Dr Nortier Rooibos Museum in Shah Alam (Maleisië). Die kleiner versameling artefakte wat op 'n tydelik basis gedurende April en Oktober 2008 uitgestal was by die South End Museum in Port Elizabeth word ook toegelig. Afgesien van die beskrywing van die artefakte in hierdie artikel, is die doel ook die plasing van hierdie uitstallings binne 'n groter internasionale konteks rakende ontwikkeling, en ten opsigte van die status van museumtransformasie in Suid-Afrika.

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