n Commonwealth Youth and Development - Youth, conflict and urban Africa : a review of some Niger Delta cities

Volume 6, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1727-7140



The apocalyptic picture (especially in the eyes of foreign observers) of African cities as centres of chaos with negative indices of unemployment, high crime and non-existence of essential social amenities places a dangerous burden on young African urban dwellers. This is complicated by the pervasive impact of wars, because virtually all regions of Africa have been ravaged by civil wars, inter-national wars, and the unnecessary intervention of the 'imperial powers' of dictatorial and other African governments.

This work gives an analytical review of the challenges of urban youth in some Nigerian Niger Delta cities as they grapple with the yoke of conflict: state repression, internal colonialism, militancy / insurgency and all the trappings of a failing / failed / captured Nigerian state.
The article reveals the striking similarities of Niger Delta cities as centres receiving migrants from war-ravaged rural communities, oil platforms / rigs and militarised creeks in the region. From Port Harcourt to Yenegoa and Warri, unprecedented incidents of urban crime (especially bank robbery), hostage taking and youth gangsterism depict the depth of urban decay caused by conflict within the Nigerian state.
Finally, the recommendations of the article reveal hope for the Niger Delta urban youths as their struggles with externally imposed conflicts expose them to beneficial challenges and options.

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