n Commonwealth Youth and Development - A community of praxis designing and developing a curriculum together

Volume 8, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1727-7140



If students were part of the curriculation process they should feel excited to start the adventure called learning, which is described by them on the student 2.0 blog (2009) as: "In classic education, students' voices were never fully heard because they were divided. Now, in neo-education, we retain the authority of the teacher, while making sure to provide opportunities for the roles of student and teacher to not get lost in the greater goal of learning, and later, thinking.. it is the teachers and students learning, thinking together, that in a way acknowledges the connections and unity formed between the students and the world at large". In this article I explore whether a curriculum developed by the student and the lecturer promotes learning at its most basic and most complex levels.

Students studying at a distance often have a sense of being alienated on many levels. A well designed curriculum should assist them to become active participants in this learning process. A community of praxis, where all stakeholders join forces to design and develop study material that creates a rich environment for active learning (REAL's), which is not only student owned, but are also designed to create authentic learning experiences that have the underpinning of relevant learning theories.

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