n Commonwealth Youth and Development - Evolution of the youth service in Mauritius (1948-2010) and its subsequent professionalisation through open distance learning at the Mauritius College of the Air

Volume 8, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1727-7140



This paper, as the title indicates, charts the development of the Youth Service in Mauritius since the pre-independence era. With the growing importance attached to the youth by the government nowadays, there is an urgent need to review the functioning of youth cadres at the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS) and see how best to reskill them to assist the youth in coping with the challenges they face so that they develop and mature into a responsible

While the Diploma in Social Work served its purpose at one time, this is no longer tenable. A bespoke programme with a more flexible delivery mechanism is more consonant with contemporary requirements.
Furthermore, since youth officers in full-time / part-time attendance on courses jeopardise the smooth running of the MYS while also straining the purse strings of the Ministry, more cost-effective means have to be resorted to.
The Diploma that the Indira Ghandi National Open University (IGNOU) offers is therefore a reasonable alternative. The mid-term evaluation carried out by the Secretariat of the Commonwealth Youth Programme in 2002 highlights some weaknesses in the delivery of the Diploma in other countries of the region.
As the Division of Distance Education at the MCA has mechanisms in place for the quality management and delivery of flexible learning programmes, this paper also focuses on how the Diploma is going to be delivered to the Youth Officers. The deadlines have already been set for the implementation of the project.

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