n Commonwealth Youth and Development - Aspects of oculo-visual complications in sport

Volume 9, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1727-7140



Severe sport-related ocular injuries are a major problem worldwide. Despite the ocular reflexes and protective position of the globe, ocular injuries occur frequently. These injuries range from periorbital bruising, subconjunctival hemorrhage, permanent scarring, and visual distortions to blindness. A research study has reported that in 75% of the patients who sustained severe eye injuries in various sports, some had a visual acuity (VA) of < 20/100. This reveals the seriousness of the impact these injuries have on functional VA and the subsequent quality of life. A direct blow to the globe from a blunt object smaller than the eye's orbital opening may cause rapid anteroposterior compression and dilation of the middle of the globe, transmitting a great force to the internal ocular structures. Such a blow may obviously lead to irreversible and avoidable loss of vision. Therefore, appropriate eye protective devices may be necessary to avoid possible injury and permanent visual loss.

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