n Commonwealth Youth and Development - Soccer prayers as a means of teaching religious values

Volume 9, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1727-7140



The aim of this essay is to explore the dialogical spaces between soccer and religion, inviting healthy soccer values into the realm of religious experience and acknowledging their educational value in the religious sphere. The sources used for this study are, firstly, soccer prayers published by individuals and churches on the internet and, secondly, the outcomes of questionnaires filled out by players and fans on the value of prayers rendered during a soccer match. Values are deduced from the names given to God in the prayers, such as God, the referee of all humanity, and God, our far-sighted coach. Values are furthermore established through the requests made to God, such as respect between competing teams and fans, not asking God to take sides, but nevertheless to give one's team the opportunity to score. In conclusion, suggestions are made as to the teachability of different categories of soccer player/fan values.

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