n De Arte - Guy Tillim : : views and (re)views

Volume 2006, Issue 73
  • ISSN : 0004-3389
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'Johannesburg,' John Matshikiza (2004, 482) writes, 'is an ever-changing movie that no one has quite managed to produce'. More notable for its energy than its beauty, its architecture represents a compendium of architectural styles and its terrain, Charles van Onselen (2001, ix) notes is without 'fertile soil, striking natural vegetation, a lake, a mountain, a valley, a river or even an attractive perennial stream'. Its character is raw, hard and unrelieved, and its wayward population, since the first decade of its existence, Clive Chipkin (1993, 9) explains, 'is seemingly indifferent to everything except the pursuit of money'.

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