n De Arte - 'She travels alone and unattended' : the visit to the Eastern Cape of the botanical artist, Marianne North

Volume 2007, Issue 76
  • ISSN : 0004-3389
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The visit of the botanical artist, Marianne North, to South Africa during 1882 to 1883, although frequently referred to, has not received much close attention; nor has her account of the visit, in her 'Recollections of a happy' life, been set against the actual conditions she would have encountered. This paper attempts to flesh out at least part of that visit, specifically the weeks she spent in the Eastern Cape Colony and, more particularly, her visits to Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown and Port Alfred. What were these three centres like at the time? Who were the people she mentions? Where did she stay? How do her observations tally with other accounts of the period? The paper takes its origin from an attempt to give the actual provenance of one of the few photographs of this intrepid traveller and amateur botanical artist, hundreds of whose oil paintings hang in the gallery she herself founded in Kew Gardens.

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