n De Arte - Is there still life? Continuity and change in South African still life painting, Michael Godby : book reviews

Volume 2008, Issue 78
  • ISSN : 0004-3389
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Godby's title rivals in its wit and subtlety Norman Bryson's Looking at the overlooked, the canonical work on still life first published in 1990. Both titles allude to the general marginalising of still life as a topic of serious critique. The indifference originated with Joshua Reynolds' Discourses (1768-1789) and has been perpetuated ever since in the average art history programmes at academic institutions - at least until the publishing of Bryson's book in 1990. Bryson commented: 'It is still thought of in a manner of which Reynolds would have approved, as not quite the province of the serious and ambitious student; not really the most recommendable topic for a dissertation that would wish to show its professional mettle' (2001:8).

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