n De Arte - Extended traces : tracking the impact of painter upon environment : research

Volume 2010, Issue 81
  • ISSN : 0004-3389
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The traces a painter leaves in the process of living extend far beyond that of the painting or artwork. A consideration of the traces my personal art-making process may inadvertently be leaving, however anonymously, led to the research contained in this article. The result is an exploration tracking the issues involved in the environmental challenges we as the human species currently face. Paint and the act of painting is the focus, but the concept applies to any form of art-making. I propose that the application of creative thought by artists can contribute significantly to the evolutionary leap that certain writers, researchers, historians and scientists suggest is necessary in order to overcome the threat to the continued existence and survival of the human species upon Earth. Therefore, I conclude that the impact of the traces left by the artist can potentially be a positive one.

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