n De Arte - Suspense, the serious and the superman : views and (re)views

Volume 2012, Issue 85
  • ISSN : 0004-3389
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When considering what to do with one's Friday night, probably very few people would consider a two-hour formal lecture a top priority. But this is a Friday night in Grahamstown, where novelty in leisure and entertainment choices, outside of festival time, is a rarity. It is therefore unsurprising that, on the evening of 11 November 2011, the Rhodes Box Theatre is packed by 7 pm with a variety of students, academics, members of the local alternative scene and the general public. All have come to witness 'Suspension lecture' - a performance instigated by Annemi Conradie, a temporary lecturer in the Rhodes Fine Art Department. This event - a collaboration between the Rhodes Fine Art and Drama Departments, as well as Freak Factor productions, which is headed by John Wayne 5ive, a body modifier and suspension artist - involved a live suspension accompanied by a lecture on the subculture of suspension art and modern primitivism delivered by Conradie.

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