n De Arte - The dialectic of dialogue : views and (re)views

Volume 2012, Issue 85
  • ISSN : 0004-3389
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The word 'stutter' was first used in English in the sixteenth century, about the time the German Hans Holbein was court painter to Henry VIII. Significantly, the word is related to the German one meaning 'to strike against' with an implication of repetition, which in turn implies a dialogue, be it with oneself or with others. It is this notion that permeates Gwen Miller's superbly curated exhibition at Unisa, and emblematised by Nathaniel Stern's remarkable interactive digital installation, Stuttering. Viewers become both performers and artists, act and are acted upon, as they form a dialogue with a blank screen which cannot be art without their interaction with it. As they move, words appear in different places on the canvas, reminding us that we all give our own meaning to any work.

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