n De Arte - On the Run Books #12, Faith 47 (introduction by Wealz 130) : book review

Volume 2013, Issue 88
  • ISSN : 0004-3389



The figure of a slender, silvery feline, more cheetah than alley-cat, has taken pause to glance backward in search of its pursuers, their tall arrows piercing the ground at its feet. 'Run run run for if they catch you they will kill you', the artist urges the majestic beast, its grace at odds with the grime, grit, noise and smells of its bustling, or sometimes deserted, urban surroundings. Painted in Woodstock, Cape Town, in 2009, the silver beast has now paused for approximately four years. Over the course of these four years the work has not remained unchanged: The paint that coats the wall, providing the background and primer to Faith 47's work, is flaking and peeling in large scrolls; marks, stains and scratches left in the wall by passers-by and others who pause for a smoke, for lunch, for a chat or a night's rest have added to the palimpsest that is street art. This is its power and its wealth - the reality that there is no telling for how much longer Faith 47's cautious cat will remain in recognisable form on its concrete canvas.

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