n De Arte - 'Penumbra' : an odyssey between : views and (re)views

Volume 2014 Number 89
  • ISSN : 0004-3389



Gazing upon the monocular woven wire landscape that is (2012) (also the namesake of Walter Oltmann's solo exhibition at the Goodman Gallery, 20 June - 22 July 2013), the viewer can be forgiven for losing their grasp on the deep perspectival illusion of the strange, shimmering, lunar-like rocky landscape depicted. Instead, a descent into the patterned and entangled field of crocheted wire is perceived. A further sublime encounter with the chasm of the awaits on closer inspection. The term 'penumbra' refers to the half-shaded fringe of light caused when an opaque object partially obstructs light (Goodman Gallery 2013:[sp]). The term is also associated with the astronomical phenomenon of the lighter outer rim of a sunspot; and in painterly terms, at the point where light and shade blend (Goodman Gallery 2013:[sp]).

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