n De Arte - Penny Siopis. Time and Again, Gerrit Olivier (Ed.) : book review

Volume 2015, Issue 92
  • ISSN : 0004-3389
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Mournfully entitled, , this volume edited by Gerrit Olivier is dedicated to Siopis' late husband, Colin Richards. This is rightly so, for the whole book stands in memoriam: in memory of a beloved partner, in memory of the materiality of paint, and in reminiscence of the fleeting nature of things in themselves. The cover is filled with a close-up of (2010), a representation of a woman quivering while burying her face in a handkerchief. As one opens the hefty volume one is confronted (rather immersed) with several large full-page colour detail prints of Siopis' work, the close-up immediately recognisable amongst them, for who could forget those decadent fruits from the eighties? No one painted a watermelon with such 'luscious decay' (p. 29) as Siopis did. However, this volume is not only about decay but importantly about loss, mourning and the working through of grief. It also asks whether one can give form to (work through) the formless (grief, pain).

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