n De Arte - Feminisms. Diversity, difference and multiplicity in contemporary film cultures, Laura Mulvey and Anna Backman Rogers, (Eds.) : book review




As part of the series launched in 2010 (by editors Ian Christie, Dominique Chateau and Annie van den Oever), the latest addition to the series is - a volume edited by Laura Mulvey and Anna Backman Rogers. The volume takes stock of how concepts of feminism and film theory have shaped each other, paying particular attention to Mulvey's seminal essay 'Visual pleasure and narrative cinema', published in 1975. Since then, Mulvey's essay has become a manifesto for how feminism could engage with film. It is an entry point for feminist scholars who wish to start engaging with the premises of not only gender and psychoanalysis in film, but also dealing with how the gaze is constructed and embedded in gendered power relations.


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