oa De Rebus - Editors page

Volume 1968, Issue 7
  • ISSN : 0250-0329



About 35 years ago the first shots were fired in a battle which has culminated in the publication, last month, of regulations regarding the right to liquidate and distribute deceased estates. For the attorneys it was a fight against the encroachment upon their field - a field which they rightly regard as their preserve by virtue of their role as legal practitioners. It was a war to repel an invasion by unqualified persons, a war to restore the status quo. During the years the battleground shifted several times - from attempts to reach an amicable settlement, hearings by select Committees, legislation in Parliament to, eventually, a decision in the Cabinet. Most of the blows were dealt above the belt, although the same can hardly be said for the campaign to besmirch and slander our profession in the press and with the authorities. It is to our credit that none of us attempted to return the mud flung at us.

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