oa De Rebus - Editors page

Volume 1970, Issue 27
  • ISSN : 0250-0329



As an aftermath of the sharp rise in the number of road casualties over the summer holiday season we usually have, at the beginning of the year, an upsurge of public concern over the high death toll on the roads. This is usually followed by a flood of press statements, radio interviews and public announcements by traffic experts and local legislators. It is usual, too, for each traffic authority to express his own opinion on the cause of the high number of accidents and to offer his own solution to the problem. Some blame the motorists, others the pedestrians, or the roads, the inadequacy of traffic laws, the lack of proper law enforcement, unroadworthy vehicles, speeding, alcohol or the improper issuing of licences. Some say the motorists should be better educated, others that the roads should be improved or that we need stricter laws, better law enforcement, lower speeds, more control over licences etc.

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