oa De Rebus - Blood transfusions and compelling orders

Volume 1998, Issue 365
  • ISSN : 0250-0329



With the advent of AIDS and the publicity it receives, blood transfusions have come under the public spotlight. There is some debate in South Africa as to whether blood can be effectively screened. There is no doubt that every attempt has been made to ensure that blood used in transfusions is free of any blood-borne disease and that such blood is available when transfusions are given. It is not the thrust of this article to focus on the dangers or otherwise of taking blood. What once again becomes relevant is the question of whether blood transfusions can be forced on any particular individual. The mailer has previously received the courts' attention, both locally and overseas. because of the stand taken by the followers of Jehovah's Witnesses who, because of their beliefs, refuse to accept blood.

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