oa De Rebus - It's a brave new world for trade-mark owners

Volume 2003, Issue 426
  • ISSN : 0250-0329



It is quite simple if you are a trade-mark owner. If you want protection for your trade mark in South Africa, you instruct your attorney to file a South African trade-mark application and you are charged a modest fee. If you want protection in the USA, your attorney instructs his US associate to file a US application and you are charged a decidedly immodest fee. If your business interests extend to Angola, your attorney instructs one of the few attorneys in Angola to file an Angolan application and you are presented with a veritable 'brazen hussy ' of a fee . You get the picture - a separate, so called 'national' application in each country where you want protection and no correlation between the economic importance of the country and the cost.

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