oa De Rebus - Is sexting a criminal offence? : feature

Volume 2014, Issue 540
  • ISSN : 0250-0329



The act of 'sexting' or to 'sext' is defined as the exchange of pornographic material or sexually explicit messages, pictures or videos via a mobile phone or the internet. The assumption is that not all pornography, and especially sexting, is reported in case law in South Africa, which creates gaps in the reported case law. Therefore most of the information is article based. The objective of this article is to, first, establish the relation between sexting and pornography, secondly, to determine whether there are reported cases of sexting and, lastly, to determine how South African courts and legislation have dealt with sexting. It discusses the premise that sexting is influenced by an increase in the use of mobile technology making it more available globally for both adults and children.

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