oa De Rebus - Courtroom of the future - virtual courts, e-courtrooms, videoconferencing and online dispute resolution : feature

Volume 2014, Issue 546
  • ISSN : 0250-0329



The future of the courts is greatly dependent on technology and how technology can improve their functioning.

According to Jeff Aresty ('State Courts and the Transformation to Virtual Courts' Litigation Spring 2013 vol 39(2) 50) there are three general categories of changes in courtroom technology:
  • There are the technologies that legal representatives use to present evidence and arguments.
  • The existence of electronic documents has fundamentally changed the discovery process.
  • Lawyers can use new technology outside the courtroom to start their cases, maintain their cases and get word out about their cases. E-filing, social media and legal research have transformed the traditional work of lawyers.

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