oa De Rebus - Legal forensic education : crossing the divide between law and science : practice note - law of evidence

Volume 2016, Issue 561
  • ISSN : 0250-0329



In an adversarial system such as ours, the administration of justice relies heavily on the acumen and knowledge of legal representatives. This insight is dependent on many factors including an understanding of the different forms of evidential material, which may include scientific evidence, involved in the case. Although the use of expert witnesses compensates for the lack of forensic knowledge on the part of practitioners,there is no doubt that practitioners still need to be knowledgeable about science for various reasons. A practitioner can only fully engage with forensic evidence presented by experts if he or she has an understanding of how to engage with such evidence. It is only then that a practitioner would be able to apply the test for reliability, credibility and even admissibility, in some cases.

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