oa De Rebus - Information from the companies register



""It is observed that fairly large numbers of requests are received from members of your Society for information to be furnished from the companies register. . ""In this connection attention is invited to Section 222 of the Companies Act, 1926 (Act No. 4-6 of 1926) as amended by Act No.7 of 1964- and to items 1, 2 and 3 of the Third Table. Of the Third Schedule to the Act, which reads as follows: Any person 'may, on payment of the prescribed fee, inspect the documents kept under this Act by the Registrar or require a certificate of the incorporation of �any company or a copy or extract of any other document or part of any other document to be certified by the Registrar: Provided that if an officer 6f a foreign government accredited to the government of the Republic requires such inspection, ""certificate, or a copy or extract on behalf of his government, no such fee shall be payable by him in respect there~ of if he satisfies the Registrar that no such fees are payable in his country by officers of the government of the Republic in similar circumstances.


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