oa De Rebus - Public relations

Volume 9, Issue 11
  • ISSN : 0250-0329



The Public Relations Committee of the Association of Law Societies has been functioning now for nearly a year and much of the preliminary work has been done and broad policy laid down. The day to day working of the scheme has been done by an Executive Committee sited in Transvaal under the Chairmanship of Mr. G. W. Cook, who was also the Chairman of the National Committee. Mr. Cook has put a tremendous amount of effort and time into the venture and it is with extreme regret that we were informed that he was obliged for health reasons to withdraw from both these Committees. His unstinting efforts on this very important front on behalf of the profession cannot be appreciated too much and it is our sincere wish that he will soon be restored to complete health. The foundation which he has laid will certainly make the task of his successor much lighter but much remains to be done to implement the scheme fully.

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