oa Discourse - Possible contributions of the Soccer World Cup 2010 to the economic development of rural KwaZulu-Natal

Volume 34 Number 2
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Without doubt the 2010 Soccer World Cup event, to be staged in South Africa in the next four years, is regarded as everything to everybody. It has been argued that South Africa has a wonderful opportunity to ensure that the 2010 Soccer World Cup (SWC) conform to the principle of sustainable development. The politicians see it as an opportunity to create jobs and improve the sorry state of unemployment in South Africa. The local administrator sees it as a chance to develop and improve the local infrastructure, mainly relating to roads, housing and water provision. The educationist sees it as an opening for initiating and teaching new learnerships associated with sports, recreation and tourism. Furthermore, it is common knowledge that for South Africa, and KwaZulu-Natal in particular, to succeed in hosting the 2010 World Cup tourists and provide good tourism service delivery, the visiting soccer tourists have to be protected and supported as "the geese that lay the golden eggs". In other words, the soccer tourist must be assured of safety and security at all tourist destinations throughout South Africa. If say a section of KwaZulu-Natal were to have a lapse in safety and security, then the whole country and international soccer community would be seriously disadvantaged.

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