oa East African Geographical Review - The geographical approach in medical research

Volume 1967, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 1937-6812



""When interpreted with proper scientific passion, pathology can be not only fascinating but beautiful"". This is a quotation from a recent book review in the Observer. I cannot guarantee to show you the beauty of pathology but hope to reveal some of its fascination. There are, I believe still some laymen who associate the word 'pathologist' only with crime, the law court and amazing deductions in detective fiction. These forensic brothers, however, represent only a small part of the pathological band and most pathologists are as concerned with diagnosis in the living patient as they are with causes of death. In a medical school the various branches of pathology should form a bridge between the preclinical scientists concerned with a study of normal structure and function and the clinicians studying their individual patients.

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