oa East African Geographical Review - Burning in eastern Africa with particular reference to Uganda

Volume 1967, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 1937-6812



Grass and bush burning is a time-honoured custom in Africa and much has been written on the purposes underlying the practice and upon its disadvantages. At the same time scientific work by the pasture agronomist is still largely in an experimental phase, and work by other scientists has not gone far towards substantiating the arguments for or against burning. There is no attempt in this essay to meet these gaps, but perhaps some purpose may be fulfilled in assessing some of the arguments. so far put forward, to see the need for further work and to examine the relevance of work done elsewhere to Uganda. In the past much discussion has concerned the deleterious effect of burning without recognising the reality that in most circumstances some form of burning is inevitable or that for some purposes may be desirable.

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