oa East African Geographical Review - The Mwea-Tebere rice irrigation scheme central Kenya

Volume 1967, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 1937-6812



The Mwea-Tebere rice irrigation project is a child of the Mwea Development Scheme which had been started to restore land which had been eroded and degraded as a result of overstocking. It is situated about 70 miles northeast of Nairobi in Kirinyaga district of the Central Province of Kenya. on the dry plains to the southeast of Mt. Kenya. Standing at about 3,500 feet the area receives an average of about 30 inches of rain which is particularly unreliable; thus there was 23 inches in 1960, 50 inches in 1963 and 29 inches in 1965. It is an area of impervious, heavy. black cotton soil which overlies a weathered trachyte bed. The scheme had its birth in 1952, when experiments on irrigated crops, notably rice and tobacco, were tried.

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